Maple Toast

To Start Off – Just Put it in My Mouth

Sure this may look like average evening fare – although this Maple Toast offering from Safeway Stores will tantalize even the most finicky of palates.  The “Texas-toast” style bread  found at my local Safeway surprised and pleased the sweet-tooth in me.  This almost one inch thick bread has sticky golden maple bits infused into the entire loaf almost like a McGriddle.  This picture shows a 10:14 pm toast-fusion.  My mindset was nowhere near an entire French toast preparation – so this resulting toaster snack was born.  Toasted it – Mrs. Butterworth danced across it like a virgin canvas – and then I ate it.  I ate it like a heathen.  I then…   Oh sweet bust of Venus….   …handled two more slices.

I understand this may seem like a pretty weak first blog entry – but I’m also willing to bet you a cold pint you’ve never heard of Safeway’s French Toast Bread – BURSTING with Maple Flavor!

*(naturally and artificially flavored)